Get the Seal

Get the Seal

A transformative journey

By taking part in the Gender Equality Seal programme, your institution can bring about transformative changes to improve the lives of women and girls through policies and services designed for all.

Public institutions can be awarded one of three Seals depending on the level of compliance with the internationally-validated Gender Equality Seal standards:

Gold Seal  

For participating public institutions that achieve 80 % compliance with the standards

Silver Seal  

For participating public institutions that achieve 70 % compliance with the standards

Bronze Seal  

For participating public institutions that achieve 60 % compliance with the standards

This recognition is valid for three years. Institutions wishing to achieve a higher Seal level can re-submit an application to join the programme and be re-assessed by demonstrating further progress in meeting the gender equality standards.

Will your institution be next in receiving a
Gender Equality Seal and global recognition?

Five steps to achieving the Seal

1. Engage with us

Good news, you have decided to participate in the Gender Equality Seal for Public Institutions programme.

Before getting started, the public institution’s highest authority must formally express an interest and commitment to joining the programme; the Gender Equality Committee, which will be the leading body in the Seal process, must be put in place and key personnel must be trained on the links on gender equality and public institutions.

2. Set a baseline

Now your public institution turns a mirror onto itself to identify its strengths and areas for progress by carrying out a self-assessment, which will help your institution to establish its departure point. Through it, the institution will acknowledge its situation regarding the Seal standards.

All registered public institutions will have access to the Gender Equality Seal for Public Institutions online platform that will guide them step by step in the process.

3. Action Plan: Time to take action!

3.1 Prepare your Action Plan: It’s time to think about how to close the gender gaps that have been identified within your institution while harnessing your strengths. In consultation with colleagues, find workable solutions and design your plan of action.

3.2 Learn and grow: Once your organization has formulated the plan, it’s time to put it into action and regularly measure your achievements and adjust as necessary. We will provide you with practical tools, learning opportunities, technical advice and much more to do so.

4. Final assessment

4.1 Prepare and collect your evidence: Gather your documentation and prepare to impress your assessors with evidence of all the ways in which your public institution has improved gender equality since joining the programme.

4.2 External assessment : This final assessment is conducted by an external and independent assessor who will review the implemented changes and compare them against the Gender Equality Seal standards. Based on the results, your institution will be assigned a compliance level within the programme’s goals.

5. Get the Seal

It’s time for a global recognition of all the good work your institution has done. UNDP will award your public institution with a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Seal for the work it has achieved in advancing gender equality.

Start the journey with a self-assessment

Let’s start by testing how your institution is doing with gender equality, based on the internationally-validated Gender Equality Seal for Public Institutions standards. Here’s a short self-assessment. Once done, we’ll provide you with some feedback.

You may be surprised with the results.

Good luck!