Brazil: National Treasury Embarks on the Seal Journey

The National Treasury of Brazil (Tesouro Nacional) has become the first institution in the country to implement UNDP’s Gender Equality Seal for Public Institutions. A signing ceremony to celebrate this important commitment to advancing gender equality was recently organized at the National Treasury’s main office, attended by senior officials including Rogério Ceron, Secretary of the Treasury, Marcos Neto, Director of UNDP’s Bureau for Policy and Programme Support, and Claudio Provides, UNDP Resident Representative in Brazil.

An agency of the Ministry of Finance, the Treasury is central to the country’s public financial management and fiscal governance machinery. Its role is to manage public funds and accounts in an efficient and transparent manner to promote fiscal stability. This includes public debt management, contributing to fiscal planning and public financial policy development. Given the catalytic impact of public finance and fiscal affairs throughout the economy and the public sector, the Treasury’s commitment to gender equality is significant and likely to yield substantial positive impacts. Furthermore, its leadership will hopefully inspire other public institutions to explore how they can better contribute to advancing gender equality.

Group photo from the ceremony, 12 December 2023

This event marks the Treasury’s first step on a transformative journey that will see the institution act to better align its operations with the principles of gender equality and progress towards inclusive and gender-responsive governance in the spirit of Agenda 2030.

We at the National Treasury are very happy to be the first public body in Brazil to embark on this very important journey. More than an end result, the Seal is a process of building the pillars to establish a culture of gender equality that will lead us to transform the institution. We want to be an example to inspire other institutions here in Brazil, not only at federal level, but also in the states and municipalities, that tackling the gender equality agenda as a priority can boost results.

Secretary of the National Treasury, Rogério Ceron.

Click here to view a press release (in Portuguese) on UNDP Brazil’s website.