UNDP Gender Social Norms Index Report (GSNI)  Global progress in achieving gender equality has stalled: for the first time the Global Gender Inequality Index (GII) shows no improvement since 2019. Gender bias is a pervasive problem worldwide according to The Gender Social Norms Index (GSNI) report that was published recently. GSNI quantifies biases against women, capturing […]

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Kosovo, jointly with the Ministry of Finance, Labour and Transfers, the Kosovo Employment Agency, and the Agency for Gender Equality launched today the Gender Equality Seal for Public Institutions for the Kosovo Employment Agency. The Seal is a UNDP global programa that  supports and recognizes public institutions that commit and […]

The Ministry of Transport is the first public entity in Colombia to obtain the UNDP Gender Equality Seal for Public Institutions, and the second globally, after the Mayor’s Office of Lima. The Gender Equality Seal for Public Entities – Equipares Público- is a methodological proposal to support and recognise the efforts made by entities to […]

In institutional strategies for addressing gender-based violence, a comprehensive approach involves taking into account at least: prevention, protection and comprehensive reparation for victims of gender-based violence.  With this approach in mind, the second session for the exchange of experiences between participating institutions in the Seal took place in webinar format on 9th december 2022, and gathered 15 […]

Institutions participating in the Gender Equality for Public Institutions Seal programme enter a global community of practice where they can share experiences and learning about the challenges they face in strengthening their capacities and results in gender mainstreaming in their work, and the best strategies to address them, in order to move towards the achievement […]

UNDP Country Office in RDC is aiming to develop and validate a practical and feasible methodology for supporting targeted NGOs on improving their capacities for promoting gender equality and women’s rights in their work in the context of UNDP’s Stabilization Pillar.  UNDP has been supporting different kinds of organizations, including its own UNDP Country Offices, […]