Chile: Discussion on Gender Responsive Public Budgets for the Gender Equality Seal Committee

The activities were attended by representatives of the different public sector institutions that are implementing the Gender Eqaulity Seal for Public Institutions

Seeking to learn about international experiences and identify opportunities for the design and execution of budgets with a gender perspective, the first activity of the Community of Practice was carried out for organizations that are part of the process of the UNDP Gender Equality Seal for public institutions. In Chile, In a hybrid format, the conversation “Public budgets with a gender perspective: learning and challenges” was developed.

The instance was moderated by Elizabeth Guerrero, Adviser on Gender and Governance of UNDP Chile, and included presentations by Beatriz Santamaría Monjarez, Political Scientist and holder of a Master degree in Law and Gender, and Coordinator of Programs in the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection in Mexico; and Raül López Cancho, holder of a Master degree in Gender Studies and specialist in the Gender Services Directorate at Barcelona City Council. 

The meeting was attended, in person and online,  by representatives of public institutions that are in the process of implementing the Gender Seal for Public Institutions in the country: the Senate of the Republic, the municipalities of Ñuñoa and Peñalolén, the Agricultural Service and Ganadero (SAG), the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, together with other institutions interested in advancing in this matter.

At the opportunity, the attendees had the opportunity to learn about the learning and challenges that public institutions in Mexico and Spain have faced in the design and execution of budgets with a gender perspective, share their own experiences in this area and address opportunities to develop a more comprehensive management.

About UNDP communities of practice

Communities of practice have positioned themselves as an effective strategy for the development of learning, generating shared knowledge between institutions that carry out institutional transformations for gender equality. Since 2021, they have been developed at the regional level of Latin America and the Caribbean with public institutions that are in the process of implementation of the Gender Seal for Public Institutions.

In 2023, UNDP Chile creates its own Community of Practice, to support compliance with the requirements of the Seal of the participating institutions, and in turn, generate spaces for the exchange of good practices for the mainstreaming of the gender equality approach, in line with the regulatory and administrative frameworks that govern public administration in Chile.