Boosting the development of gender mainstreaming capacities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

About 200 people from more than 40 public institutions from six countries in Latin America and the Caribbean -Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and the Dominican Republic- participate in the second edition of the course “Keys to Gender Equality. Real and innovative solutions for public institutions”.

At the end of September, the virtual course “Keys to Gender Equality. Real and innovative solutions for public institutions” started. This 7 week programme is a training process designed by the UNDP Gender Area for public officers of public institutions in Latin America that participate in the Gender Equality Seal in Public Institutions program.

In this second edition, we are glad to count with around 200 people working in public institutions in Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and the Dominican Republic. With these numbers, and the growing interest of the personnel of the institutions, this course is, without a doubt, a strong impulse to the development of capacities in mainstreaming the gender perspective in the public policies of the region.

Participant institutions in the course “Keys for Gender Equality”

“Keys to Gender Equality” is a training process focused on providing participating individuals and institutions with practical tools for integrating the gender perspective in public policies, programs, and services, and in the organization itself. It also has the added value of connecting experiences from different institutions and countries that are part of the Global Gender Equality Seal Program. This seeks to generate synergies between public institutions in the region, promote the integration of the gender perspective in public policies and strengthen the progress made to date in reducing gender gaps and empowering women.

“Keys to Equality is a direct and focused training process to lay solid foundations and resolve concerns in order to advance gender equality in public institutions.”

This course is carried out through seven live virtual sessions and a virtual classroom that houses the didactic materials, and from where exchange forums are energized. The Gender Equality Seal team, together with international specialists are facilitating the contents, while representatives of public institutions with good practices will be sharing them with their counterparts.

The global program Gender Equality Seal in Public Institutions is a key program to maintain and accelerate the 2030 Agenda in the public sector in Latin America and the Caribbean, in a context of persistent crisis that puts many of the advances achieved at risk in recent decades on gender equality and non-discrimination.


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