“I wish all civil servants had the opportunity to take this course”

We successfully closed the second edition of the virtual course “Keys to Gender Equality. Real and innovative solutions for public institutions” in which more than 40 public institutions from six Latin American and Caribbean countries -Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and the Dominican Republic- participated.

Mural built by participants asking the question: What opportunities do you see for achieving gender transformative results in your institution?

For 7 weeks we shared theoretical and practical content on the integration of gender equality in public policies. The results were extremely satisfactory as  100 per cent of the public officers who took the course consider that they have learned concepts and strategies relevant to their work, and 95% consider that their interest for integrating a gender perspective in their work has increased. 

In this second edition, we highlight the space for the exchange of experiences in which different public institutions presented their experiences and best practices: the Ministry of Social Development of Paraguay, the Lima Metropolitan Municipality of Peru, the Secretariat of Public Function of Paraguay, the Ministry of the Environment of Panama, the General Directorate of Public Procurement of the Dominican Republic, the Institute for Democratic Studies of the Electoral Tribunal of Panama, and the Supreme Court of Justice of Paraguay.

“Amazed by the large amount of information provided related to the issue of Gender Equality. I really liked the varied participation of the different panelists, their mastery and passion for the subject ”.

Participant’s comments

We are extremely satisfied with the participation throughout the seven modules of the course. About 200 civil servants and public officials from 40 institutions from 6 countries in the region -Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and the Dominican Republic- enrolled in the course. The scope achieved with a virtual training such as this represents a strong boost to the development of gender mainstreaming capacities in the region and is key to generating synergies between the institutions that are taking steps and demonstrating their commitment to gender equality and the empowerment of women.

“This course has enchanted me, it has awakened in me a special interest in public policies on gender equality. The panelists have a high level and have been able to give practical examples of how gender equality gaps can be reduced”.

Participant’s comments

The course “Keys to Gender Equality: Real and Innovative Solutions for Public Institutions” was designed by the UNDP Gender Area of the Latin America and Caribbean Regional Office, with the support of the UNDP Global Gender Team. It is aimed at the civil servants of public institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean that participate in the Gender Equality Seal for Public Institutions program.